27th June – Here at last

000 Starting from Wantage
Setting off from my front door in Wantage

I have finally arrived at the Lizard hostel after a journey that took 10 hours.  The problems started with signal failure at Swindon. I  arrived at Reading after the time that the Penzance train was due to leave.  Luckily that train was half an hour late.  Unluckily the air conditioning was broken.  Not ideal!  I got to Redruth just before 3.00pm to catch the bus only to find that on school days it leaves at 2.55pm and had gone.  The next bus was at 5.00pm.  I therefore was able to get a late lunch/early tea and tried to stay calm.  Anyway I am here now and all set for an early start tomorrow before it gets too hot. Many thanks to Pam who kindly took me to the station.

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