1st July – Perranporth to Newquay


When I camped at Perranporth I was not expecting that a barbecue would be held next to my tent and some very friendly foreign gentlemen would chat and smoke outside until very late.  As they had given me some beautiful watermelon earlier I did not like to complain.  I also met a very interesting Australian who has been away travelling for 10 years.

I managed to get the tent down in the dry and get across Perranporth beach before the incoming tide closed that route.  Over the dunes, avoiding strange objects in Penhale firing range, saw me descending into Holywell in the pouring rain.  The shop was open and the owner and I had tea together.  His is the last remaining shop in the village and is only open for 12 weeks in the summer.  He claimed that all the shops had to close once people could not take their children out of school for a holiday.

Still in the rain I past Porth Joke, where Stuart and Laura often used to camp and came down to The Gannet where I was able to cross the river and climb up to Newquay arriving at 12.30.  As this was a bit early I tried to book further up the coast but could not get anyone to reply to my calls.  I am therefore staying in Newquay in a hostel above a pub with a music night!!

008 Newquay

Naturally since I decided to stop the sun is now shining brightly and I should have gone on and risked camping.

Tomorrow I plan to camp at the Treyarnon Hostel before going on to Wadebridge and hopefully getting a room in the Travelodge.  I am then in the hostel at Boscastle as I decided in would be better to have a rest day in Bude.

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