5th July – Boscastle to Bude

018 Chevron Fold Millook
One for the geologists!  Folded sedimentary rocks at Millook. Interesting but no teashop!


My guidebook tells me not to underestimate the difficulty of this section and the next to Hartland Point. The author is not kidding. The scenery is lovely, but a constant switchback of very steep ascents and descents make it brutal if, like me, you are carrying a big load.

The rucksack is manageable on the flat and easier angled ascents but steps and very steep loose scree are very difficult. The Steps were obviously put in for Cornish giants!!

I guess therefore the good news is that 26km and 1440 metres of ascent were completed today even if it took nearly 12 hours

The Northshore bunkhouse has one resident tonight; me, which is a luxury. The weather is no good for surfers so they are staying away.

I have to shop tomorrow and will then see how I feel. I may need to take 2 days over the next section so I am pleased that I have a day in hand.

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