30th July – Knighton


I woke at 4.00 this morning and quickly realised that my leg was still a problem. I decided to spend one more day in Knighton. My sister in law Susan and her husband Michael kindly took me out to lunch which cheered me up no end.

I think that the leg is getting better and I plan to move on to Craven Arms tomorrow. Plan A is to try to catch up the lost days by cutting out rest days. Plan B involves leaving out a section of the Pennine Way near my brother’s home in Co Durham. I will fill this part in once we return from Scotland. I am committed to being at Fort William by September 13th. The weather seems to be improving which is always useful but tomorrow will be a critical day.

One thought on “30th July – Knighton

  1. Stuart Lovegrove

    Hi Neil, we’ve been tracking your progress with great interest and not a small amount of envy with all the fantastic weather and scenery. Nonetheless, sorry to hear your leg has given you trouble. Rest does seem to be the quickest solution. Thanks for all these updates, please keep them coming. Best wishes.


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