2nd August – Return to Wantage

20180802 Resting up


When I woke at 4.00am my leg was still swollen and painful. It was obvious that I could not complete the plan for the day which was to go 20 miles to Much Wenlock. I also have to face the fact that the antibiotics and rest had not sorted things out and more treatment would be necessary.

I therefore booked a train to get back to Didcot and then used my bus pass to return to Wantage.  I got home at lunchtime and managed to arrange to get a call from one of the doctors.  After a quick conversation he wanted to see me so that he could rule out a thrombosis in the leg.  Luckily he was happy that it is an infection and has given me some different antibiotics which cover a wider range of bugs.  He also emphasised the importance of keeping the leg raised above the level of my heart.  After the previous 3 days of lying in bed I can now look forward to another 7 days as his advice was not to walk again until I have finished the course.

This is all rather depressing and frustrating but there is not a lot that I can do about it. Once my leg improves I will need to plan what happens next.

One thought on “2nd August – Return to Wantage

  1. Marilyn Girouard

    You must be so disappointed,Neil…very sorry to hear your news but best to resolve it now rather than end up with more serious problems later on…we’re thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery
    Marilyn & Ed


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