12th August – Hawes to Keld

20180812 Summit of Great Shunner Fell
The Summit of Great Shunner Fell – 718m, the highest point on the trip so far



After a quiet night, as there was no one else in the dormitory, I left Hawes at 8.45.  It took over 2 hours 30 minutes to climb up to the summit of Great Shunner Fell.  For over 2 hours the views were magnificent, if you like the inside of a cloud.  The weather had taken a turn for the worse, but luckily it improved after the summit.

Great Shunner Fell used to be notorious for its peat-bogs, but these now have large slab walkways.  When these were introduced they caused some controversy with traditionalists.  Personally I think they are wonderful as I have never found any pleasure in tracking through peat-bogs, a much overrated pastime.

20180812 Thwaite Village
Thwaite Village

From Great Shunner Fell the path descends to Thwaite, where I stopped for a pot of tea.  Leaving Thwaite, I climbed up to Kisdon with fine views of Swaledale.

20180812 Swaledale from Kidson Fell
Swaledale from Kisdon Fell

Traversing towards Keld I was swarmed by horse-flies which was very unpleasant. Do they serve any useful purpose?

20180812 Keld Village


Coming down to Keld it was time for more tea before arriving at East View, my B&B. Doris, who came from the Philippines, gave me more tea and cake and could not have been more welcoming.  I dried off and visited Keld Lodge for a beer before a delicious dinner back at East View, which is highly recommended.

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