6th April – Moscar to Flouch

20190406 Neil with the reservoir in the background
Beside Ladybower Reservoir

Carl and I left the Ladybower Inn at 8.50 and set out to walk the length of the Ladybower Reservoir, best known as the training ground for the Dambusters Raid.

20190406 Ladybower Reservoir and Win Hill
Ladybower Reservoir and Win Hill

We kept noticing race signs, and shortly before the second dam a Marshall explained that 500 mountain bikers were about to arrive.  Knowing that the bikers were unlikely to take any prisoners, we put on a bit of a spurt until the next dam.  Once past the dam and off the race route, we could relax, and were amused by a curious sign on the gate of Ladybower Lodge.

20190406 Sign on Ladybower Lodge gate
You have been warned…

Near here we met the first of several groups of young people practicing for their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition.  These charming young ladies had left their camp at 6.00am and had walked most of the way around the lake.  They were very polite and cheerful, and it was encouraging to find some young people taking pleasure in the outdoors.

20190406 Approaching the Slippery Stones
Approaching the Slippery Stones

We gradually gain height on our 10k walk up the reservoir, but at Slippery Stones the easy part of the day was over, and we now had to climb up Cranberry Clough to Cut Gate and Midhope Moors.  This proved to be a popular route and I saw more walkers today than in the previous eight days combined.

20190406 Carl nearing the summit of Howden Hill
Carl nearing the summit of Howden Hill

The weather gradually improved and we were now bathed in sunshine.  After a little boggy ground at the top of Mickleden Edge, the path improved and we descended to Langsett Reservoir for a late lunch.

20190406 Langsett reservoir
Langsett reservoir

A quick walk through some woods led us out onto the A628 only 300m from the Dog and Partridge Inn.  We arrived almost exactly 6 hours after leaving the Ladybower Inn.

Carl managed to phone Doug, who turned up as Carl and I were finishing our second round of tea.  More tea was needed, and then it was time for them to depart.  It has been a real pleasure to have spent the past two days with Carl and Doug, and I just want to express my appreciation and thanks for all their kindness, help, and encouragement.

20190405 Carl Doug and Lily on Stanage Edge
Good companions – Carl, Doug and Lily the dog

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