24th April – Inveroran to Kingshouse

20190424 Leaving Inveroran
Leaving Inveroran

With another short day in prospect, I had a leisurely breakfast and left the hotel at 9.00.  The weather was fine but distinctly colder with a strong wind.

20190424 The view from Victoria Bridge
The view from Victoria Bridge

After walking around to Victoria Bridge the route is along a road constructed by Thomas Telford, a very busy man.  It ceased to be a public road in the 1930s.

20190424 Thomas Telford's road
Thomas Telford’s road

The road ascends gently through conifer plantations before crossing the Black Mount.  This would be a wild place in bad weather.

20190424 Black Mount and Rannoch Moor
Black Mount and Rannoch Moor

I stopped for a break near Ba Bridge, before making my way up the hill to cross the ridge, and look down on Rannoch Moor and the entrance to Glencoe.

20190424 The Jaws of Glencoe
The Jaws of Glencoe

Unfortunately, most of the tops were lost in haze all day.  This was particularly disappointing, as the sight of Buachaille Etive Mor is stunning.

20190424 Buachaille Etive Mor - The great herdsman of Glencoe
Buachaille Etive Mor – the Great Herdsman of Glencoe

Crossing the A82 once again, I reached the Kingshouse just after 1.00.  As the bunkhouse did not open until 3.00, I had lunch and then was able to relax.

20190424 Beinn a Chrulaiste towering above the Kingshouse Hotel
Beinn a Chrulaiste towering above the Kingshouse Hotel

The Kingshouse Hotel is a revelation.  I thought that the new building work was confined to a new bunkhouse, but the hotel has been extensively expanded and is now very grand.  As I type this at 6.45 the walkers’ bar has just closed!  You now have to go to the main bar.

Kingshouse Hotel as I remember it…                       and as it is now…


A deer has just walked through the car park, but today I had haggis, neaps and tatties so have no need to feel guilty.

20190424 Deer in the Kingshouse carpark
Guilt-free wildlife


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