23rd May – John O’Groats to Dunnet Head

The End!  Neil at the most northerly point of Dunnet Head

I guess that it is not too surprising that I woke this morning at 5.00am.  As Alan was also up, we decided to make an early start in an attempt to beat the worst of the weather.

I left John O’Groats at 7.15 to run the first 9k to East Mey.  This went quite well, apart from the light drizzle, and I met up with Alan and the car at the turn-off.

20190523 The Castle of Mey 02
The Castle of Mey

Having shed my wet gear, I set off for Dunnet Head.  I passed the Castle of Mey after another encounter with my bovine friends.  I went on through Harrow and reached Scarfskerry.  By now the wind had got up and was blowing a good Force 4.  I sheltered next to the Baptist Chapel before continuing to Brough.

20190523 Looking west from Dunnet Head
Looking west from Dunnet Head

At this point the rain was really coming down, and with the wind blowing from the north the walk up to Dunnet Head was not the best section of the whole trip.  Nevertheless after another hour I arrived at the end of my journey at Dunnet Head at 12.10pm

20190523 The lighthouse at Dunnet Head
The lighthouse at Dunnet Head

I went past the lighthouse to the most northerly point and then donned my Sobell House T-shirt for the publicity photos.

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Alan has been marvellous all this week.  He has always been waiting for me at the end of each day, except when it was my fault at Nybster.  He had also cooked each evening which has been a real treat.

We got back to the cottage at 1.45 so I have had time to wash and dry my kit.  Alan will bring most of my stuff south when he comes down next week to see Richard and Stuart and their families.

Tomorrow we will start to travel south, and will have a military history day as we are going to Fort George near Inverness.  Alan has spent this week supporting me so deserves a day pursuing his interests.  I will fly south later tomorrow evening.

I need time to consider all that has happened over the last two years while I have been on my journey.  At this point I can only say thank you to all my friends who joined me on the trip and to everyone who has donated to Sobell House.  Finally I’d like to thank my sister Katy, who has edited the blog and enhanced and uploaded all my photos throughout Bottom to Top.

5 thoughts on “23rd May – John O’Groats to Dunnet Head

  1. CERC

    Congratulations on finishing your epic journey Neil, what an achievement and we are all proud of and in awe of you. Hoping to catch up with you when your feet are in Wantage for long enough! All the best Eirwen Carl Rhiannon & Carys xx


  2. Katy

    Many congratulations, Neil! I’m hugely proud of you! Such a shame you didn’t have better weather for the last lap – I’ve done my best with the photos though. Looking forward to cracking open the champers when I see you next! Much love, Katy xx


  3. Brian Clist

    Neil, our sincere congratulations on completing your epic journey, so very well done. It really was ‘up hill and down dale’ – but you did it! We can but truly admire you all the way from ‘Bottom to Top’ Brian and Christine, Caroline and Jennifer and her family.


  4. Alastair Wilson

    Neil, well done to complete the challenge you set yourself last year. I have been impressed by your stamina and the research and information you have presented in your blog together with the photos which bring to life the fascinating places you have passed through. I hope your efforts are rewarded by donations to Sobell House. Liz and I look forward to hearing more about your exploits.


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